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Co-production, processing, packaging, warehousing and shipping solutions

NV Trade OÜ offers the industry’s most comprehensive co-production and packaging solutions for specialty chemical companies.

Years of Experience
4.5M+ €
Winner of XX Gaselli Congress

About Company

Founded in 2010, NV Trade OÜ is the leading provider of processing, mixing, packaging, transloading and warehousing services for customers in a variety of markets, offering the most comprehensive specialty chemical solutions in the industry.

NV Trade OÜ is involved in co-production of different adhesive synthetic resins and with customers gain reliability in meeting highly exacting chemical product specifications, flexibility in offering a variety of products and services capabilities and responsiveness in meeting short lead times.

NV Trade OÜ delivers the most complex processing, mixing, packaging and logistics solutions for specialty chemical companies across the globe. We exist to eliminate the potential risks of our customers.

NV Trade OÜ is one of the fastest-growing companies of Estonia with financial stability, growth into new markets and continuous access to first class business systems and business model development.


NV Trade OÜ is committed to the Zero-defect principle and the continuous improvement of chemical products and all processes. It is our goal to achieve customer satisfaction through excellent quality and reliability of all products and services. We apply our quality control (including product and process monitoring and outsourcing chemical laboratory) to detect and prevent quality problems and ensure premium quality of products and services to our customers. Our quality system is under process of certification.

Membership Certificate 2022

NV Trade OÜ is the Member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

XX Gasell Congress Diploma

The Gaselli Congress Diploma issued to the fast-growing companies of Estonia

AAA Credit Rating Certificate 2021

NV Trade OÜ belongs to the highest class in the Rating Classification AAA®

AAA Credit Rating Certificate 2022

NV Trade OÜ belongs to the highest class in the Rating Classification AAA®

Certificate of Strongest Estonian Companies 2018-2022

NV Trade OÜ has achieved a constant A-group credit rating over the last five financial years

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    1-13 Tiigi Str., Voka, Toila District, 41701, Estonia


    Office: +372-65-28-225

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